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Express Assessment


Express Assessment customers achieve LESS time in the shop, and MORE time on the road.  Here’s how:


By choosing Express Assessment at Freightliner of Austin, we work diligently to communicate the impact of your truck’s repair condition on your business and give you options to take action on and put your truck back to work.

The Express Assessment Missionexpressphoto

Within two hours of your service write-up, we will:

  • Communicate Single Service-Issue Diagnostics
  • Check Parts Availability
  • Provide an Estimate of Cost and Repair Time

Customer Focus.

As an Express Assessment dealer, Freightliner of Austin is focused on what truly matters – your truck and your business. This means that we make decisions and involve you in the process to do our work the right way – every time.

Make Smart Decisions Faster.

Freightliner of Austin service staff communicate with professionalism within two hours of your service write-up so that you can decide whether to put the truck back on the road, redirect resources, or keep your driver in place to wait on job completion.

Understand Parts Availability.

Our team quickly identifies which parts are in stock or which may need to be ordered so you can choose to start the repair as soon as possible.

Assess Accurate Repair Costs.

You’ll quickly have estimated the expense of your repair and downtime.

Qualified Technicians at Your Service.

We will assign the most qualified available technician to your job, making sure the diagnosis and repair are made correctly the first time.

Simple Repairs Faster.

If the assessment of your repair condition uncovers a simple need – such as a blown fuse or burned-out bulb – we make every effort to perform the repair and get you back on the road.